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About Us

Smart Living Fund acquires manufactured housing communities that are undervalued because of sellers’ liquidity needs, mismanagement, significant operational costs that can be removed, or undervalued rents. We target smaller assets because caps rates are more favorable versus competing with REITs who are buying larger assets.

We use a tax efficient structure that allows us to give our investors favorable risk-adjusted returns. Investors want capital preservation, so we buy quality assets with lower upfront yields, but have larger appreciation and higher elasticity in rents over time. You can see this in the Equity Lifestyle Properties structure.

Acquisition of these properties will happen through our long-standing relationships with brokers and principals. Some properties will be purchased “off market” and others will be acquired through standard channels of a Seller listing their asset online or through a listing broker.


John Lekas

Co-Founder & Managing Member

Tyler Lekas

Co-Founder & Managing Member
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