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Our Solutions


We are capitalizing on the 45 million baby boomers eligible for Social Security over the next 5 years and their propensity for smaller living spaces.

Asset Focus

Our focus is on the Over 55, senior parks, with 50-150 spaces. Larger REITs do not play in this size as they cannot get scale here and therefore do not bid these properties up.


Invest $50 million in mobile home park assets over the life of the fund. We intend to purchase 20-25 mobile home parks which is roughly 2,000 units.

Smart Living is a private real estate firm dedicated to purchasing manufactured housing communities with current cash flow. The target area of these purchases will be in the Southeast and our focus will be 55+ communities.

Affordable living in America is rapidly diminishing and the last frontier is manufactured housing communities. This asset class has a poor reputation, are vastly misunderstood, and mismanaged. Smart Living’s goal is to show why our communities are exceptional, affordable, and thus the future of housing in America.

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